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Cheap Tatoo Tells Whole World You are Cheap, You Get What You Pay For, Free Advice is Worthless, Good Advice is Expensive
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When it comes to health, beauty, fashion, and weight loss, there is too much “crappy” content out there. It is all free and worthless. You get what you pay for. There is no scientific evidence behind the claims of these websites.  They are all trying to sell miracle drugs, instant beauty potions, worthless weight loss supplements…and the list goes on.   They are ineffective and sometimes dangerous for your health and beauty. They offer free worthless advice.   But, people are looking for extraordinary content having “compelling value” to them.  People have become pickier and choosier – they do not even want OK content.   If you are one them, you have come to the right place. We do not sell supplements, weight loss diets, beauty products, books, or anything.   Instead, we offer money-saving tips with “medically no-nonsense” and objective medical information.

If you are looking for extraordinary content having “compelling value,” you are at the right place.  We are sure you want the best of best health and beauty advice. You do not want even OK advice.   If you are one of the “pickier and choosier”, this is the place. We do not sell supplements, weight loss diets, beauty products, books, or anything.   Instead, we offer time and money-saving tips. This website offers “medically no-nonsense” and objective medical information.  At the end of each article, there are easy to follow steps to follow, do’s and don’ts, and expert medical opinions.  Goals of this website are: (1) Reverse or achieve extended remission of chronic diseases like diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, etc., of people. (2) Show how you can have optimal health and radiant beauty. (3) Prevent diseases and beauty-busters. (4) Provide medically no-nonsense advice.  We cannot achieve these goals without your help. For these reasons, you should become a member and support us.

All our articles are based on  randomized controlled trials, which are the gold standard of research. We invest lot of time and money  in creating articles so that they are deciphered to make it understandable by professionals and laypeople alike. Every effort is made to be objective, unbiased, honest and to present both sides of the argument.  Anyone can present facts, research papers, and justify a fact.  We provide something more important in our articles.  We ask 6 questions to every fact, data point, research conclusion, and medical opinion to do an analysis. We ask “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?” during our analysis.  Out of these six,  “Why” happens to be the toughest question of all. We do a further “5 Step Why” questioning. By repeatedly asking the question “Why” (five is a good rule of thumb), we peel away the layers of answers which can lead to the most reasonable answer (also called “Toyota Method” developed by Sakichi Toyoda). To get this type of reasonable answer you should become a paid member.  For example, for the question of “obesity,” we applied the 6-questions and we found answers: sugar, saturated fat, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and so on.  When we applied 5-whys to each of these answers, we found reasonable answers: unhealthy lifestyle + genes cause obesity.  When we applied to 5-whys further on genes, we found how trans fats affect PGC-1β coactivator, and fructose affects human uricase gene. Then we found why such bio-chemical reactions take place.  We found that trans fats stimulate PGC-1β coactivator, which further stimualtes SREBP-2 gene for above normal secretion of LDL cholesterol. Other reputed websites stop at this. We ask why and who to find that your microbiome is turning on the SREBP-2 gene when you eat trans fats. Do you find this kind of analysis in other websites?  Yes – in research papers.  How many people have time to read and understand highly technical medical journals? Not many.  We simplify highly technical stuff into medically-no-nonsense and easy to understand information. That is why you pay to become a member.  The above picture sums it up very well: “Advice – 50 cents, good advice $2, and jokes are free.”  So you can go out and get medical information for free, but they are mostly “jokes.”

If you’re interested in the truth about health and beauty , then you are in the right place!  Do you know what is the biggest problem in health and beauty websites today?  Snake oil salesmen make it confusing as hell, filled with half-truths, anecdotal stories. Their goal is to sell “miracle,” “natural” products.  If you’ve ever spent time looking for health information online, then you’ve probably realized that the advice is conflicting and that no one seems to agree on anything. All of the health and beauty gurus have a product to sell and most opinions are more about belief and personal experience than facts. They are all trying to “unload crap” on you.

Until now, there was no place on the internet that actually helped people make sense of it all.  We promote only evidence-based procedures and protocols only on this website.

We need your help to keep this going. We help you to reverse your chronic diseases and achieve optimal health and radiant beauty.  If you want to have all around total health being free from aches, pains and diseases, you need to become a member. In return we ask you to become a member. If you are interested in learning the truth about health, nutrition, beuty, diets and weight loss, then click this link here to join us.

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(4) Show how you can have optimal health and radiant beauty through objective and scientific evidence based information. It is like having a Ph.D., or medical scientist at your home to do all medical research for your medical questions: “who, what, where, when, why, and how?”  This is the place for in-depth analysis of the 6-questions and 5-whys and evidence-based answers.

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