What do We Offer?

We offer you a knowledge-based website of exceptionally high value. We make medical science quite simple by presenting two exactly opposite views at the same time by being critically analytical. We do not sell snake oil, junk science, anecdotal stories, empty promises, used-car-salesmen pitches.  We offer only highest quality articles on total optimum health and glowing beauty based on scientific evidence and clinical research. Your health and safety are more important to us than anything else.

~Dr. J.


What do We Offer for Your Optimum Health and Glowing Beauty?

One of our primary goals is to prevent or manage or reverse chronic diseases.  You will find series of articles on how to prevent, manage, and reverse chronic diseases such as heart failure, ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, stroke, autism, obesity, asthma, back pain, and so on.  Our second goal is to empower you with the knowledge to have optimal health and radiant beauty. Our third goal is to improve your quality of life for you to lead a happy and purposeful life. We use Integrative Medicine (IM) to achieve these goals. IM is where Allopathic or mainstream or western medicine meets with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for total healing of body, mind, and spirit. What we offer  to you is medically no-nonsense information on your optimal health and radiant beauty based on sound scientific evidence. What we  offer to you is high-quality medical information based on sound scientific evidence, data points, statistics, research papers, books, peer reviews, comments from doctors, scientists, microbiologists, pharmacists, etc.  Whether an article is on cancer treatment or to make your face glow, we apply the same scientific rigor. I personally go through each article for accuracy, quality, and medically sound information.

what do we offer for your optimal health and radiant beauty
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We make various resources available in a single article.  You do not have to scour around several websites and sources trying to find different pieces of information and logically connect them together.  In one article you will find all information you need. We make complex articles informative, entertaining, and easy to read.  We offer two sides of the same story with objective analysis and no spin.  I am not a “spin doctor,”  I am a medical doctor. We offer plenty of precautions, side effects, adverse effects and also positive enhancements of a drug or procedure in every article.  For example, when we discuss a tough subject like facelift , we promote positive results of face lift; at the same time, we highlight medical risks. We suggest ample precautions for proportional size reduction of ears and eyes for total aesthetic appeal of your face.  In the same article, we suggest going to a plastic surgeon who knows total aesthetic appeal, but we do not suggest going to a particular facial plastic surgeon.  If we do that, we will be mixing marketing gimmicks with sound medical information.  We promote only sound medical advice – nothing else – by keeping marketing promotions out.  Your health and safety are more important to me than marketing gimmicks.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxTo achieve total optimal health and radiant beauty, our first line of offense and defense is Allopathic (Western) medicine.  Then we offer Complimentary and Alternative Medical (CAM) solutions to achieve final goals. Both of our goals are to achieve: optimal health and radiant beauty – nothing less than that.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxWe promote healthy lifestyle to achieve your goals.  Without healthy lifestyle, all efforts are useless. The healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of all our articles.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxWe go to the cellular, hormonal, biochemistry, and molecular level in the human body to make a point and justify what we say.  Every article has annotations to scholarly articles.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxI believe in: An ounce of Preventive Medicine is better than a Ton of Reactive Medicine. You will see references to Preventive Medicine through Integrative, Nano, Lifestyle, Nutritional, Genetic, Predictive, Allopathic, and Complementary and Alternative Medicines.  You will find several Preventive Medicine articles based on scientific evidence.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxWhen you hover\move your  mouse over a red hyperlinked text, you will see articles supporting the facts in a pop-up window.  This makes our articles easy to read.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxWe thoroughly discuss pathological lab tests you need to get done to see how your health condition is.  We provide normal ranges of all lab tests.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxOur articles are based on Dr. J’s 7 Pillars of Health and Beauty: Diet, Exercise, Sleep, PRP, Supplements, Hormone Balance, and Stress Management.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxDr. J’s Wheel of Total Health is the cornerstone in our articles which encompasses 10 dimensions of health: Physical, Emotional, Mental\Psychological, Intellectual, Karma, Financial,  Relationships, Occupational , Environmental , and Spiritual .

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxWe believe glowing beauty is achieved through optimum health. We first work on optimum health to achieve glowing beauty. We emphasize on your inner and outer beauties. We offer tips to enhance your both beauties through Wheel of Total Health.  We backup this by high quality scientific evidence.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxWe do not push expensive beauty aids to enhance your beauty.  Instead,  we offer money-saving do-it-yourself (DIY) tips.  Our weight loss formula is built on Dr. J’s Quantity, Quality, and Balance Principle which requires lots of self-discipline.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxLots of time, money, and research have been and will be spent on every article. This site is for all ages, sexes, professionals and non-professionals. At the end of each article, you will see a list of do’s and don’ts and step by step instructions.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxOur medical solutions are based on Integrative Medicine supported by high-quality scientific evidence for safety and efficacy. To attack a medical problem we use all possible medical protocols:  Western and Eastern medicines.

You can take my word: In any medical protocol or procedure, safety without effectiveness is useless, and effectiveness without safety is dangerous. If both safety and effectiveness are lacking, it is a recipe for disaster. Safety and effectiveness are two sides of the same coin.  You need to look at the safety side of the coin first. This website focuses on safety and effectiveness  throughout, while critically analyzing medical issues.  Finally, we explore cost-saving alternatives without sacrificing efficacy and safety of medical procedures, protocols, and medications.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxYou can freely comment on every article and share your experiences and be useful to others. At the end of each article, you will see a list of do’s and don’ts and step by step instructions.

Check_Mark_White_Green_20pxAsk Dr. J., is a popular program where you can ask questions to Dr. J., on health and beauty subjects. It is like having your own personal doctor to give unbiased solutions.

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