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Premium Membership is good for both of us (you and us).  You will get our most popular Ask Dr. J Program, How to Reverse and Prevent Chronic Diseases, DIY, and other useful articles on health and beauty. Most people like this membership because they can ask me questions and get Medically No Nonsense Answers.  They also found simple DIY information which saves lots of time, money and energy.  You will find simple, coherent, logical steps in DIY to stay healthy and look beautiful.  If you are not a Premium Member, you should seriously consider becoming one. Running a professional Medically No Nonsense Website is expensive.  Your premium membership helps us in bringing best articles in optimal health and vibrant beauty.


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Let me give the example of climate change for community work.  Scientists agree that climate change is caused by carbon emissions.  To reduce carbon emissions, every person, every community, every nation around the world have to work in reducing carbon emissions – that is community work – that is every person in every nation needs to work.  We have members in 92 languages from around the world.  I want every member to do “community work” all-together towards adopting the “Optimal Health and Vibrant Beauty Philosophy” to “change the world.”  This is truly a good cause to make this world little less painful.  Please put your money to work where your good feelings are.

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There is no other better gift other than good health that you can give your friends and family.  Give Medically No Nonsense Website membership to your friends and family as a gift.

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