How We are Different?

We are different from others – we offer medically no nonsense, unbiased, and high quality information on optimum health and radiant beauty.  We offer compelling value. We do not sell any products; nor we endorse any product – to remain unbiased from head to toe.  We see our competition withering away with cheap talk, gossips, and marketing gimmicks, and pandering useless weight loss, and beauty products.

~Dr. J.

How We are Different?

We are #1. We are the leaders. We are the best. We are different from rest of the crowd. There are thousands of health and beauty websites. How we are different, and why should you come to us?

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We are different because we offer medically no nonsense and in-depth analysis on your optimal health and vibrant beauty. We do not engage in  anecdotal stories and intellectual or celebrity gossips.  There are not many websites which talk at the genetic, cellular, molecular, and bio-chemical level, that too in Medically No Nonsense language!   We talk in this language for not only optimal health and also for glowing beauty for all ages and genders. This is our compelling value proposition to you.

Dr. J., is a group of doctors, scientists, writers, lawyers, journalists, and critiques who have a passion for healing. The group makes sure that every article published meets our high scientific evidence requirement we have set ourselves. Every article goes through the scrutiny by each of our experts and critiques.  Read more about us.

Human bodies and diseases need to be treated as a complex and whole system, yet uniquely individual.  For example, heart disease in an individual may be coming from oral diseases (though other health markers may be good).  Keeping this in mind, our health care providers from several disciplines come together to work towards healing an individual in most non-invasive way with time and cost efficiencies.

On many websites you keep reading article after article and at the end, you go nowhere.  Becuase, they have no vision and end goals. Whereas, we have vision and end goals.  We strive for three things for optimal health: (1) prevent diseases from attacking you,  or, (2) manage your symptoms and medical conditions, or, (3) reverse your symptoms and medical conditions. We strive for three things for radiant beauty: (1) enhance your natural beauty  (2) prevent your beauty from attack, (3) reverse ravages on your beauty.  We do these things through medically no-nonsense protocols and techniques. Optimal health and radiant beauty should not come at a huge cost nor it should tax your precious time. This is what sets us apart.  It is more than reading article after article on our website. This is our compelling value offer to you. A single goal of many beauty websites is to sell beauty products at astronomical prices.  We do not sell any beauty products on our website.  The following checklist should make it clear how and why we are different.

Red_Checkmark_50pxIf a medical protocol or procedure is not backed by scientific evidence, it has no place in our website.  We use whatever type of medicine necessary to restore your optimal health and beauty.  For your optimal health and radiant beauty we use any of: (1) Nano Medicine (NM), (2) Targeted Medicine (TM), (3) Integrative Medicine (IM), (4)  Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (EBCAM),  and (5) Preventive Medicine (PM) .   Dr. J., is a strong believer of Preventive, Integrative, and  Nano Medicines.  See article: No Nonsense Comparison of Medical Sciences.

Red_Checkmark_50pxDr. J., is a  believer of Preventive Medicine.  Preventive Medicine offers you the health and vitality to enjoy your life to the fullest.  It saves you from pains, aches, misery, and burden on your quality time, money, energy, and emotional wreck on you and your loved ones.  “You should see your doctor when you are healthy” is the cornerstone of Preventive Medicine. But, it does not work in the real world of health insurance companies, and doctors. That is why you should come to us when you are healthy and fit to get preventive medical advice.


Red_Checkmark_50pxThe common mindset is: “If I have no symptoms, I am healthy.” We believe good health as: “integration of mind, body, emotions, spirit, and purpose in life; then finding balance in these.”  To find optimum health and radiant beauty,  Dr. J., has offered QQB (Quantity, Quality, and Balance) Principle with healthy lifestyle (HLS). When you mix Preventive Medicine with Dr. J’,s QQB with HLS, you get a powerful prescription for optimum health and radiant beauty.







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