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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) has been divided into broad categories.  Select a category and click on ‘+’ of a question to see the answer.  You can also use the Search button in the Footer Section.  Enter the search phrase and click enter to see the answer.  If you still do not get the answer to your question, please send an  email.

What is the Purpose of Medically No Nonsense Website?

What is the purpose of Medically No Nonsense Website?

Medically No Nonsense Website has goals to improve your health and beauty, specifically to:

Provide medically no-nonsense information on health and beauty supported by cold hard facts and burning hot scientific evidence.

Strive for your long term Optimal Health and Vibrant Beauty.

Change your lifestyle into a Healthy Lifestyle.

Reverse any chronic diseases that you may have through Integrative Medicine.

Enjoy your life with health and happiness and find purpose in your life through Dr. J’s Wheel of Total Health, Dr. J’s Seven Pillars of Health, and QQB Principle.

What is your “Value Proposition”?

We provide high quality and scientifically evidence based Integrative Medicine information on optimal health and vibrant beauty.  We leverage this information to reverse some of the chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, back pain, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism and a few others. We do not carry anecdotal stories,  personal stories, a few case histories, heresays; we depend only on high quality evidence based facts. We provide cost effective and long-term weight loss programs through healthy lifestyle.  We do not endorse high priced “fashion-of-the-day” supplements, nutrients, shipped meals, exercise gear, etc.

How are you different compared to millions of similar websites?

  • We provide medically no nonsense information, which millions of other websites fail to do. We provide information of compelling value.  We analyze a topic from “what, where, when, why, who, and how” points of view. We answer ‘why’ part to the full.
  • Millions of other websites merely provide information. Whereas, we provide medically no nonsense information and “actionable steps.”  Actionable steps are important for all round health and beauty.
  • We do not sell any medications, or supplements, or weight loss products and services, or beauty products.  Nor do we endorse any product or a doctor or a medical practitioner.
  • We are more interested in reversing any chronic diseases that you may have.
  • We follow hard scientific evidence and protocols which are effective and safe.  We do not provide anecdotal stories.  Instead, we go into indepth analysis  of genetic, cellular, biochemical, and molecular biology, and medicine. For example, we do not just state trans fats cause increased LDL level,  we answer how and why trans fats cause increased LDL level.  It takes several weeks or months to produce an article backed by sound evidence.
  • We say how water, Vitamin D, Niacin, fruits and vegetables can be bad for you, before we say how they can be good. Very few websites do this kind of analysis and cautionary notices.

Are you #1 among health and beauty websites?


Are you a leader among health and beauty websites?


How to Use this Website?

Which devices can I use to work with your website?

You can use Medically No Nonsense website on any desktop computer (Windows or Mac), or any mobile phone (iPhone or Android or Windows or Blackberry phones), or any tablet (iPad or  Android).  The website is designed to be  ‘responsive.’  You do not need do anything, the website will render itself in a user friendly way on any device.

Which web browsers can I  use?

Medically No Nonsense Website works on all browsers. It has been cross tested on all web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Above Ver. 8), and Safari.

Which languages do you support for translations?

At present, we support  91 languages. Click here for a list of languages.

How to select a language?

At the right hand bottom corner, select Translate.  Then, click on the flag or language to make a selection. At present we support 91 languages.

Translate languages, translate from English

languages, list of Languages, all languages, international languages, languages of the world, speak, speech

List of Languages at Medically No Nonsense Website

How to translate from one to another language?

The default language of Medically No Nonsense Website is English (USA). You can translate to any of the 91 languages from English (USA).

How to change font size in a web page?

To increase font size in  a web page, click on + at the top of right hand side bar.  To decrease font size in a web page, click on – at the top right hand side bar.  To reset the page size, click on 100% at the top right hand side bar.

Resize Web Page, Zoom in, Zoom out

Resize Web Page

How to Select Categories?

This website is divided into two broad categories of health and beauty.  You can select one of the subjects from categories, Tags, or by using the Search function.  See more under ‘Search’ topic.

How to use hyperlinks?

There are hyperlinks with blue text and red text.  You need to click on blue text. Blue text takes you to a new internal or external web page (which opens in a new tab of your browser).  Red text is generally used for displaying medical journals or any useful information.  When you hover your mouse on red text, it opens a window on the same page to display information.  When you move your mouse away from red text, the window disappears.

What are Amazon links?

Amazon links are in blue text. When you make your purchases from one of the Amazon links originating from this website, we get credit.  This is one way of supporting us.  Please become a and make all your purchases.  When you start with a link of this website, you decide to buy something else, we will still get the credit.  Click on a Amazon link from the side bar or from one of the pages, then you can navigate throughout Amazon website.  The correct method is to click on any Amazon link on this website and after landing on Amazon, navigate your way to make purchases.

How can I go to Amazon store of my country?

The Amazon links on our web site are smart enough to know you are in which country and take you to Amazon store of your country automatically. If there is no Amazon store in your country, you will go to the default USA Amazon store.

How to search on Medically No Nonsense Website?

The search button is on the footer on any every webpage.  some of the webpages have it in the sidebar also. You can search on any page including the current FAQ page.  Start with a broad phrase then, narrow your search.  For example, when you search “good”, you will find in search results, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Fats” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Carbs”  and other pages which have the phrase “good” in the body.

You can search for phrases with rules: exact matching or similar. Enclose the exact matching phrases in double quotes, for example: “sugars and carbohydrates” will search for pages with exact phrase.  You will not find “sugar and carbohydrate” hits. I you search by sugar*, you will find all pages with words starting with phrase ‘sugar’: sugars, sugarlike, sugary, etc.

How to use the Medically No Nonsense Website on a mobile phone or a tablet?

How Secure is Your Website?

How secure is your website?

Our web site is quite secure:

Green_check_box_20pxWe have added several layers of security to our website (do not want to go into details).

Green_check_box_20pxWe use 2048 bit industry standard SSL Certificate.                   comodo-secure-icon

Green_check_box_20pxWe use 256 bit encryption.

Green_check_box_20pxemails are done through web forms.


What can I do to increase my security?

Do not share your membership id and password with anyone.  You have your important medical and personal information at Medically No Nonsense Website.  When you share your user id and password, you will compromise your security and also compromise the security of other users.   Do not share your user id, password, and any other personal information with anyone.

What happens if I share my account with others?

We have sophesticated software to track ip address of each member.  When we notice abuse, we will send you a request letter with changed password to stop sharing of userid and password.  If the abuse does not stop, we will cancel your membership.  You will not have access to Medically No Nonsense Website.  Your Ask Dr. J., Program records will be deleted. Read more at:

Do you ask my password through email?

No.  If you get an email requesting your password, it is a scam.

Do you ask for my credit card number or bank account information by email or phone or text?

No.  We do not ask any of your personal information by email or phone or text.

Do you send my medical information by email?

No.  You have to log into your secure account to see any of your personal information including medical information, answers by Dr. J through Ask Dr. J Program.  You may get an alert indicating your answer is ready to be viewed on the website.

Do you send any links by email?

Occasionally we send links to you by email. Before you click on any web link, hover with your mouse on the link and read the link details at the bottom left hand corner.  If you see anything other than https://medically-no-nonsense.com, you have a phishing attack.   Do not click on the link and delete the communication (email, text, etc).

Can I send emails to Dr. J?

No.  You will have to login to website and fill out Contact Form.

How do I know I have a phishing attack?

When you receive any kind of communication asking you to reveal your personal information.  You may get a link to login to Medically No Nonsense Website, but you may be logging into a third party website which looks like our website.  When you login, you will provide your user id and password to third party.  When such an event occurs, immediately login to Medically No Nonsense Website and change your password, and also inform us.


How many types of memberships do you offer?

We offer Free, Deluxe, and Premium memberships. Free membership is free and it has serious limitations.  You cannot access content devoted to paid members. Deluxe membership offers

What are the differences of memberships?

How to enroll in a membership?

What happens if I abuse the Membership Policies?

We strictly follow Membership Policies.  If you share your user id and password, we have IP technologies to discover it.  Your membership will be immediately cancelled and all membership privileges will be revoked. If you Ask Dr. J medical records, they will be deleted. You will not receive any refund of monies.

If you spam or try to sell your products or try to backlink to any websites, your membership will be immediately cancelled.

What is Ask Dr. J., Program?

Ask Dr. J Program is one of  our most popular programs.  It is like having your own personal doctor answering  your health and beauty related questions 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. You can ask questions and receive answers.  You can login to your account to see questions and answers. They contain medical information to pursue with your doctor to get accurate prescription. You are taking control of your health in partnership with Dr. J and your doctor. You have to be a Premium Member to participate in Ask Dr. J., Program.  Signup to Ask Dr. J., Program.

How Ask Dr. J., Program works?

After you become a premium member, you will be able to go to Ask Dr. J., Program page.  You can ask medical and beauty questions to Dr. J.  All communications under this program will be on our secure website. You will have to login and go to your member area to access communications from Dr. J.  We do not send your medical or private information through email, as it is not secure medium.  Also, in compliance with the Privacy  and HIPPA laws, we do not send emails containing your medical information.

What is Medically No Nonsense Community Board?

Medically No Nonsense (MNN) Community Board is for the purpose of exchanging medically no-nonsense information among members.  You have to be a paid member to view or post on Medically No Nonsense Community Board.

What is the difference between Ask Dr.J Program and Medically No Nonsense Community Board?

Ask Dr., J program is interaction between Dr. J., and you in private, one-on-one. Whereas, Community Board is public and interaction with other members.


We believe support is two ways: support you and support us.  If we do not support you, we do not exist and if you do not support us, we will definitely do not exist.  Please visit

Support You to receive support

Support Us to provide you support.

At present, all support (technical, non-technical, billing, etc.,) is by email at present. Please send email to: support@medically-no-nonsense.com.  With your support, we plan to bring in Live Chat and Telephone support in future.  Paid members get high priority to receive support.  If you are a free member, you may receive delayed support. Please click here for Support Page.

2. Support Page

 Please use the Support Page to receive and give Support.

It is quite expensive to run MNN professsional Web Site. To support us, please do some or all of the below actions:

1. Become a Premium Member of MNN.  Most people like this membership because they can ask me questions and get Medically No Nonsense Answers.  They also found simple DIY information which saves lots of time, money and energy.  You will find simple, coherent, logical steps in DIY to stay healthy and look beautiful.  If you are not a Premium Member of MNN, you should seriously consider becoming one.

You becoming a Premium Member is one of the biggest supports.  We will continue to bring you highest quality of medically unbiased and non-nosense medical opinions, reviews, comments, and suggestions.  I want you to LOOK BEAUTIFUL (HANDSOME FOR MEN) AND LEAD A HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE WITH HI FASHION.  REMEMBER: “WITHOUT HEALTH LIFE IS NOT LIFE; IT IS ONLY A STATE OF LANGOUR AND SUFFERING – AN IMAGE OF DEATH” – BUDDHA.

2. Pass through MNN to buy your stuff on amazon.com.  On Amazon, you can find most of the products you need. See list of categories and overview of Amazon.

3. Become a Amazon Prime Member through MNN Web Site to receive freely-shipped items and getting Kindle books and TV programs to your device(s).