About Us

We want to reverse or manage chronic diseases through safe and effective medical procedures and protocols. We use unique methods to treat complex and interdependent physical and psychological system as a whole – through careful planning and execution. Remember, planning without execution is a day dream, and execution without planning is a nightmare. 

~Dr. J.

We are a Group of Medical Professionals

Dr. J., is a group of medical professionals. The member doctors come from several medical disciplines. We have a deep passion for medicine.  We are passionate about reversing or managing chronic diseases such as obesity, heart diseases (atherosclerosis), arthritis, back pain, autoimmune diseases,   depression, and other chronic diseases. Our passion is to guide you to cost-effective medical procedures and protocols in reversing or managing chronic diseases.  Our goal is to provide you optimal health and radiant beauty through medically no-nonsense medical procedures and protocols through this website.

Coronary Artery Disease, Plaque, artery, heart attack
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How Plaque Buildup in Artery Causes Heart Disease, © WikiVersity, Author: BruceBlaus-blausen.com, License: CC-BY-SA 3.0.

If you have excruciating arthritis pain in your knees, do you want to take pain killers every day or reverse the arthritis  disease forever? Most people will opt will the latter choice. Why? Because they want to get rid of the disease not just the symptoms.  They want to go towards achieving optimal health not taking shortcuts and ‘band-aid’ approaches.

We are Myth Busters

We bust the following myths.

  1. Myth: diabetes is irreversible.  No, diabetes is reversible; no matter what stage of diabetes you are in.
  2. Myth: Once you get diabetes, it will damage your nervous system and also cause a stroke.  Yes, diabetes will damage your nervous system and cause heart diseases and stroke,  if you do not reverse or manage it.  Heart attacks and strokes are number 1 killers among diabetic patients; one can reverse or manage all of them.  We provide step by step guides for reversal and managing.
  3. Myth: heart diseases are irreversible and second heart attack is imminent.  Yes, a second heart attack is imminent if you do not reverse heart disease.
  4. Myth: obesity cannot be reversed. No, obesity can be reversed.
  5. Myth: there is no cure for autism.  No, autism can be reversed or managed.
  6.  Myth: hypertension comes after 40 years and stays till death.  No, hypertension can be reversed at any age.
  7. Myth: after arthritis sets in, the only thing left is taking pain killers every day. No, arthritis can be completely reversed and there is no need for taking pain killers.

High Quality Evidenced-based Western and CAM

When providing medical advice, our first line of offense and defense is allopathic or western or mainstream medicine with surgery. Along with allopathic medicine, we use high-quality evidence-based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). We combine mainstream\conventional\Allopathic Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM) for safety and efficacy.  There is a lot of misrepresentation and abuse in Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM). We only use proven Complementary and Alternative Medicine(CAM) procedures which have high-quality scientific evidence.  Quite a few alternative medical procedures lack scientific evidence. We have refused to adopt those procedures and protocols. You can take our word: in any medical protocol or procedure, safety without efficacy is useless, efficacy without safety is dangerous, and when both safety and effectiveness are missing, it is quackery and a recipe for disaster.

Our group consists of expert medical doctors having decades of clinical experience. Our members come from preventive, integrative, nano, cardiovascular, nephrology, oncology, endocrinology, psychiatry, gastroenterology,  plastic surgery, and several other  medical disciplines. We also have expert microbiologists, pharmacologists, pathologists, and others. Also, we have alternative medical experts from Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), Herbal Medicine, nutritionists, dietitians, estheticians, aestheticians,  and so on.  Our group is growing.  Some of our members want to remain anonymous (which is protected by US laws)  for various reasons.  We will publish details of members at the right time with right protocols.

We provide high-quality information on optimal health and glowing beauty in one place.   We do not believe in anecdotal stories correlated to medical procedures. If you see a website or a book starts a story, “How John or Jane had this….,” you should stop reading it.  We believe in hard scientific evidence, research and cold numbers.  We quote sources of research and data.  We do not want to fill this site with full of medical journal references, annotations, opinions, peer review studies. But, when necessary, we will quote authors, names of papers, publications and so on.  When you hover over red and blue colored links, you will be able to see complete details of the sources and publications.   We will make it simple to read but not simplistic.  

Several Doctors for Your Optimum Health and Radiant Beauty

There is no beauty unless you have vibrant health. Seven Pillars of Vibrant Health and Stunning Beauty explains all in detail. Beauty radiates out from within you. We will  not support any beauty procedure  unless it is grounded in clinical and empirical evidence.  Our experts collectively study through six microscopes each article before publishing. The six microscopes are: “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How”  We give special importance to “Why” microscope.  We do  5-step critical-analysis until we find medically no-nonsense answers.  This is why, out website stands out in the crowd.   I give pros and cons of each protocol.  The intent is that you become better educated to discuss your health and ask the right questions to your doctor. It is like a large group of doctors living at your home to provide you good medical and beauty care.  If you go to a hospital full of experts, you can see one doctor at a time not all of them at one time; you will have to see to them individually. When you come to our website you will see a roomful of doctors collectively – not one at a time.

We provide in-depth science and evidence based analysis of various medical subjects in our articles. We give two sides of the story. For example, when discussing obesity, I refer to genes: ___________ which are responsible for obesity and how to test them. When discussing trans and intersterified fats, I go to molecular level to show how they raise the LDL and triglycerides levels, and lower LDL and insulin levels. I answer in each article the questions: “who, what, where, when, why, and how.”  We begin each article with a relevant quote to convey the letter and spirit of the article from the get go. We provide tables, pictures, and videos to emphasize critical dimensions of the subject matter. At the end each article a list of action items are provided that you can easily follow.  We provide both list of western medicines, as wells as list of procedures and medicines from alternative medicine.  We provide a list of FDA approved, herbal\Ayurvedic, homeopathic, and Chinese traditional medicines.  I give pros and cons of each protocol.  The intent is that you become better educated to discuss your health and ask the right questions to your doctor.

No Snake Oil Sales Pitch

We do not sell any supplements or books through my website. We do not make references to any direct products.  We try to refer to generic medical names of drugs most of the time.  But, when necessary I refer to FDA approved medical drugs.  I always say go to a licensed and experienced doctor, dietitian, fitness coach.  We do not recommend anyone by particular name.

You can get my expert opinions and comments on your medical conditions by becoming a Premium Member.  Please support this site by becoming a member.  It is expensive to support a staff and website and produce high quality articles.  It takes lot of research and efforts to produce every single article — please support.

We are passionate about helping people. There is no better feeling than positively changing someone’s life. Helping people accomplish their health and beauty goals through no-nonsense opinions is highly rewarding to me. We’ve helped people who were about lose their legs due to diabetes.  I have helped several people to reverse diabetes and atherosclerosis. That is rewarding! I’ve helped people who are severely overweight to obese and suffer from physical and medical limitations “get their lives back.” That is very gratifying! I trust that by reading my articles and doing Action Items and committing to a life of optimal health and vibrant beauty your life will be transformed and enriched.

We Want to Save You Money and Get You Faster Results

This website is not to sell products or refer you to services.  Most websites want to sell supplements, miracle weight loss pills, beauty promises packed in attractive jars, and the list goes on with every sales gimmick. We are not one of those.  We want to put you on road to reversing or managing your health problems in the fastest and most inexpensive way.  We achieve it in our unique targeted approach – through individualized medical advice that is made for you.  This is done through Ask Dr. J., Program,  where we answer your health and beauty questions. Which is also called Personalized Medicine.  We also take a broad approach of diet, exercise, meditation, and healthy lifestyle. We have developed Dr. J’s Health Score Model by taking the best from Allopathic, P4,  Genomic, Lifestyle,  Nutrigenomics, Preventive, Predictive, Nano, Immunotherapy Medicines.  An ounce of preventive medicine is better than a ton of reactive medicine (Quote by Dr. J.). We use all possible tools to address your health problems.  It does not cost too much in time and money to achieve optimum health and radiating beauty.  What it takes is knowing exactly what to do, when to do, and  self-discipline.  We provide them through this website.

Computer Models

IBM-Watson for HealthcareWe use sophisticated computer models to analyze each case in Ask Dr. J., Program.  We use IBM Watson for Healthcare with our proprietary computer models. We use computer models to help Dr. J., in arriving at correct advice. We do not ask you to spend too much on diagnostic tests.  With few diagnostic tests we look for clues to get to the right advice to reverse, or manage, or prevent health conditions. We work hard to make it easier for you.

 We will change your life, the way you look, feel, and think — forever.  All you have to do is keep reading our medically no-nonsense articles and follow the steps at the end of each article.

We sum up each article with an action plan with step by step instructions.  We will change your life, the way you look, feel, and think forever. All you have to do is keep reading our medically-no-nonsense articles and follow the steps at the end of each article. Become a member and see for yourself.  The membership fees is reasonably priced.  You can pay in US Dollars or in your local currency if you are outside the US.  To produce each article, lots of research, time and money is invested.  This costs money.  Our primary source of revenue is from membership.  I promise to write articles that are uplifting and inspirational to change your lifestyle and put you on the course to abundant health.  It is not a easy journey to “optimal health and vibrant beauty,” I will provide you support.  You can write to me at “Ask Dr.J” to help  that fit your travel or adventure goals and are easy for you to copy if you’d like to follow in my footsteps.

Being adventurous doesn’t mean you have go skydiving! Adventure can just mean getting out of your comfort zone or changing your lifestyle.  Through this website I hope you’ll shake things up and feel more energized. By following my 7 Pillars of Optimal Health and Vibrant Beauty, you will lay the foundation to work on my Wheel of Total Health, then epitomized by my QQB Principle.  Adopting and adapting of Quantity, Quality, and Balance in your life, you can achieve goal: optimal health and vibrant beauty.

How to Feel and Look Better Faster and Cheaper

-Our goal is to make you feel better faster and cheaper.  We use unique techniques to achieve this. We use western and eastern (CAM), Integrative, Preventive, Predictive, Functional, Personalized, Lifestyle, Nutrigenomics, Nano, and Nutritional Medicines.  Our procedures and protocols are designed for you to feel faster and cheaper. We also want you to look better faster and cheaper.

Our Website is based on “facts and high quality scientific evidence.” All our articles have to pass “medically no-nonsense test.”

Our website is based on “facts and scientific evidence.” All my articles have to pass “medically no-nonsense” test.  You will find large number of data points, statistics, research conclusions from reputable medical journals, charts, graphs, bio-chemical diagrams, molecular structures, and so on.  We have a team of researchers to help us go through the vast body of knowledge related to medical, pharmaceutical, genetics, molecular biology, alternative medicine, and herbs. I have put together a small “research team” who go out to reputable research organizations like Linus Pualing Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Emory University, Harvard Medical School, Michigan Medical School, and several other high quality medical research institutions.  I plan to expand the research team size.  Sometimes it may be overwhelming to a beginner to read references to medical research in my articles.  You can skip technical details and go to non-technical and summary part of my article.  You can go back and re-read to assimilate the “facts”.

I will give the road map to optimal health and vibrant beauty.  All you have to follow the map. Do it now, not today or tomorrow. Planning without action is day-dreaming, and action without planning is a night-mare.

The main goal of this website is to change the quality of life of my audience.  May optimal health and glowing beauty be yours.